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1) Smoking PCP but you think it's marijuana. Then you run around like Chris Tucker from Friday geeking the fuck out. 2) When a girl creams herself after getting turned on
"Hey Andy, I didn't know you like getting wet homeboy." or "damn, I got that chick getting all wet while she was giving me head."
by JT the bigga figga October 25, 2007
The act of using PCP.
"Yo, I didn't know Shorty Do-Wop was getting wet! I seen her at the dope spot buyin' some Boat." Note: "Boat" and "Lovely" are shortened versions of "Love Boat" - the name commonly used on the streets of Washington D.C. when discussing PCP.
by SmartBrother July 27, 2014
Another word for chaw, more popular in the midwestern area. When one stick a large amount of chewing tobacco in the side of the gums and cheek.
Man, is Doug getting wet?
Yeah i just saw him put away his Red Man.
by crazyredman September 30, 2009
when someone drifts around a corner perfectly and/or if someone does something cool
AWW! u see him hit that jump? he was GETTING WET!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
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