your perception of the ratio of how fortunate (or not) someone is to how much they deserve it
person 1: "he had some bad luck there, didn't he?"

person 2: "he deserved it"
by Brettersson January 03, 2009
The phenomenon of occurrence of improbable events to someones' benefit or demise. The beneficiary is termed Lucky or Unlucky repectively.
Stephen Hawking found a naked girl in his room. He thought he was lucky. But he got her pregnant and therefore he is unlucky.
by Modern Definer December 04, 2009

The action of storing or rub something on your testicles for the sake of making them lucky. The most common item to luck is typically sets of dice used in Roleplaying and other table top games.
"Dude, don't use Reggie's personal dice. He lucked them. You might as well just play with his balls.
by ptscapper November 09, 2008
Something that idiots like u people will never have especially people with the name Kayla
U has no luck
by Sukds August 14, 2013
A greasy oil like fungal life form that is often found on one's fingers after a particularly long Lays binge. Is difficult to be rid of and is considered extremely attractive to a nerd on a nerd of the different (or same) gender (whatever floats your boat). Is generally the color of the packaging of the chips. Ends it's lifespan most often inside pockets or on jean front.
androgynous nerd: Dude that's some über sweet luck you got all over your pants wanna hook up to the ending theme of some obscure movie while they're in the washer?

Irked mother: You little shit! Get this nasty fucking plant life off of your own damn pants. You are 46 for christ sakes. Too damn old! you hear me? I'm too damn old!! buy your own bloody fungicide!
by Clepton America July 16, 2011
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