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Only getting wet when you should have drowned.
Like the handle on a piss pot, there but not in it.
by tootie January 11, 2005
A cycloptic "teacher" who's presence of mind matches her visual range (half a normal human's). Known for repeating self often, and spouting facts that are not, in fact, facts; for example: Vietnam occuring in the 80's.
I really hate Ms. BULAR, she's very stupid.
by Tootie December 07, 2003
The pioneer artist in the world of flatomusicology, which is the study of music created with bubbles.
Flatulina's study of flatomusic resulted in music created by farts, and singing fish.
by tootie November 08, 2003
Knickname for Flatulina Boutier aka: The Fabulous One
So I went up to Flatulina and said, "Hey, Flatch, can I borrow your pet monkey?" and she said, "No problem, Tootie!"
by Tootie September 12, 2003
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