refering to the female vagina!! loose because of too much sexual play
u made me loose as a goose
by david forsyth March 10, 2003
Top Definition
Really Drunk
An intoxicated person, Loose as a Goose
by Richard Cannie May 25, 2009
referring to a female and her vagina after so much sex
after sleeping with all the guys on the block, she ended up loose as a goose.
by Angel_& Ur Mom October 10, 2006
with roots from afro-american culture the term "loose as a goose" is used after committing an act that is either immoral, or wrongs someone in some way the perpetrator then praises him/herself with the exclamation "loose as a goose!" repetition is optional, however usually followed by a hand gesture moving in a horizontal movement with the arms pointed up at the elbow and wrists partially limp. Depending on perspective the "loose" person can either be an ass, if you are on the recieving end or a source of comedic relief if being regaled with tales of assholery.
Ermias told me yesterday that while bagging a woman's groceries she dropped a five dollar bill on the ground, he picked it up and when she noticed she dropped her five dollars and confronted Ermias he simply said "what five dollar bill?", continued with bagging groceries while repeating to himself the phrase "loose as a goose!"
by The Better Simon April 06, 2010
fro he meaning of "crack hoe" or "slut"
Wow, tiscrack hoe Stephanie's pusy is loose as a goose dait.
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
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