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An Australian. One that lives in Australia.
Aussie Aussie Aussie!
by markuz July 28, 2005
1) To express total disrespect to someone.

2) To exclaim disbelief at a statement made by someone else.
1) Go get fucked bitch - it aint mine.

2) Person A: I just won the lotto again!
Person B: Oh get fucked you did!
by markuz June 29, 2005
A despicable or extremely untrustworthy deed.
He fucked my girlfriend while I was asleep in the other room - what a cunt act!
by markuz June 29, 2005
A slang term used in Rugby League for a fend.
HWOAR! He's stepped past one would-be tackler, and giving another player the big don't argue before crashing over for a magnificent try!
by markuz July 12, 2005
To be as stoned as humanly possible.
Did you see that 7-11 dudes eyes? He was bent as a banana!
by markuz July 28, 2005
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