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The lame new trend of clubs charging $500 for a $20 bottle of liquor, so that patrons think they are cool spending lots of money.
For VIP entrance to a club, you must order bottle service.
#persians #lame clubs #fake people #las vegas #los angeles
by Jake Q August 22, 2007
there is a paid version of this and a free version of this, the free one usually gives u a trip to the hosipital
Jordan got free bottle service at Fever, which also entitled VIP seats at the nearest hospital
#bottle #service #bottled #club #hospital
by S p e c i a l K June 02, 2009
When you go down on a club owner in order to get bottle service.
We really wanted a table at the club luckily Jane got us bottle service.
#head #fellatio #whoring #clubbing #getting crunk
by RtRev August 30, 2006
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