Another way for micro$oft to rob hard working men and women of their money. DAMN U GATES, DAMN U (wish i thought of it first)
Windows user; did u hear about windows long horn
Linux user; Oh no, more viruses
by ben December 14, 2003
refer to "long horn"
new os by microsoft
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
1.) Individual with lacking intelligence and extremely dillusional prospects at a chance of glory not involving sucking from the teats of their fathers. (i.e. Chris Simms!)
2.) Animal always forced to watch its own ass in fear of another visit from Mack Brown. (i.e. Sodomy)
1.) I'm such a longhorn after making out with that dude!
by goingFor5inArow August 28, 2004
the new operating system from microsoft that is in development, it is supposed to be the holy grail of operating systems, its 64 bit coded and mixed with a powerfull video card. this OS can do some damage.
in stores 2005
by JeVoNeR December 08, 2003
the school who's football team cant beat the SOONERS!
Jethro,We shouldnt even watch this game because the SOONERS are gonna kick our ass again for the 4th straight year!
by SoonerClassOf'96 July 29, 2003

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