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Heaven on earth---a place where you are guaranteed a great summer.
Dude---I am so sick of Dallas...I'm ready for CLH
by Emma June 19, 2003
Closest thing to heaven. 3 weeks of pure happiness. Nothing like it.
This day sucks. I wish I was out of Austin and at Camp Longhorn.
by SP '04 December 12, 2004
Not the future training sight of sluts of the world. People who say that are just jealous whores themselves. Best 3 weeks of your life. The only reason to make it through the school year.
I can't wait for summer so that I can go back to Camp Longhorn!
by SP 04 January 31, 2006
1.Truly and Honestly my favorite place in the world. I wait all year just so i can go back to CLH. Whatever branch and whatever term, it is a wonderful experience that I wouldn't give up for the world.

Though it's been said... It really is 2. heaven on earth.

3. Attawaytogo CLH, and dear god we love you.
"When life gets me down, I just think about the next time I get to spend at camp longhorn."

"I wish I was out of school and back at CLH"
by Bailey Burgundy March 21, 2009
The future training sight of the sluts of the world.
Just look at the girls...
by The ex April 13, 2005
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