When the top of a thong a girl is wearing shows above her pants, forming a shape much like a longhorn bull's head.
Yo, check out the chick in the blue, that's a nice longhorn she's showing!
by DukeofURL December 27, 2004
The longhorn beetle is a parasite that has been infesting the United States since 1997, destroying the nation's trees and parks.
It is also a fitting name for a Windows OS.
by Raccoon June 06, 2005
The update to Windows XP/2000.
Seems like a good version of windows, until you see the roadmap... Microsoft plan to launch a SP... shows how much faith they have in Windows.

The 2 main problems we meet with longhorn
1) Its gona get so many virus'... your fucked
2) you will need a new computer to run it, because todays 'mid-range' PCs arnt powerfull enough to run it.
LH CD cost in 2006 : £200+
LH CD cost in 2010 : £50
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
The befitting mascot of all University of Texas athletic teams. Their teams can't seem to rise above the status of mindless cattle.
The Longhorns lost to the Sooners...again.
by Soonerfan March 03, 2008
An ALPHA level release of Microsofts next major OS to hit the market around 2006. Dubbed unstable by total clownfucks who think just because it is available to download that it is an usable OS. Also sought after by total noobs who cannot grasp the simplistic fact that nobody is going to host it on http.
Longhorn, rifk!£!$ tbfh is so unstable MIGHT ASWELL USE WINDOWS98SE :P~~~

//(above)example of a complete clown.
by stat December 17, 2003
When you get with a hot chic that you know you will never get the chance to ever get with again, You throw one in the pink and one in the stink with your index and pinky fingers. (Like the "Shocker")
I longhorned the shit out of Abbott's mom last night she is a total MILF.
by Aaron Schrum May 05, 2003
a tea sip, a nipple piercing, weed-smoking stain on the future of humanity that festers in Austin TX
Ricky Williams gave up a fortune and glory in the NFL because he is an idiotic, dope-smoking longhorn
by Gig 'Em Ags August 23, 2004
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