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A misspelling of the abbreviation 'ROFL' given that I and O as well as K and L are so close together. First pioneered by the myg0t clan.
rifkers that's so funny
by myg0t pwn May 30, 2005
"rifk" is a word that retards use to try and fit in, and doesn't make any sense. But, "rifk" is like a miss-spelled "rofl", it's like saying "lol". The creator of the word "rifk" is myg0thumpy, and it was started in the myg0t forums and myg0t irc. Yet this retarded word still continues to grow like HIV in Africa.
rifk this is fucking funny.
by sum_dewd5 March 20, 2007
a stupid way to say rofl , which got created by miss-typing rofl
A:Dude that server owns!!!1
B:Rifks dude!

by Padinnix February 17, 2009
A misspelled way of typing "ROFL" (Rolling On Floor Laughing), seen typed by a select few in online games and the occasional chat room.
Paul: I've been fapping to interesting things lately.
John: Interesting?
Paul: Like stuff to do with horses and sheeps.
John: RIFK
by Eugene Wattson July 19, 2009
some say it's a mispelling of 'rofl' and others say it means
"rolling in the fucking kitchen"
these are inaccurate
it's true meaning is,
roll(ing) in fuzzy kittens
SKELETOR.: oh man i can't stop lolin
by SKELETOR. September 02, 2007
a type of laughter, very hard, usually on the floor

means: rolling in floor kennels
girl: that was totally helairious yesterday!

Guy: I no I RIFKed soo hard.
by chwee September 06, 2008
It does not stand for rolling in floor kicking, for one you cant roll IN a floor, that doesnt make sense.

its Rolling In the Fucking Kitchen.

this originated from myg0t
UnF! Unf¡ uNF! uNf¡
RIFK thats funneh!!
by Michael hasapenapentalon December 11, 2005
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