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A poor disillusioned guy who somehow managed to worm his way through the tangled mess of American politics to become the president for the years 2000-?.

Most noted for:
- choking on a pretzel and nearly causing his own death
- responding to the September 11 attacks by continuing to read a little kid's book
- promising to track down Osama bin Laden
- being convinced that weapons of mass destruction were located nearly everywhere in the Middle East
- deciding to go after Saddam Hussein after bin Laden remained unfound
- staying against pro-choice and gay marriages because of his christian faith
- Hey, is that Bush on the cover of the magazine choking on a pretzel?
- You bet it is!
by Cherry July 02, 2004
Ganguro is a gyaru (gal) that is tanned , wears light to medium panda make-up (white eyeshadow.etc) , wears lots of bright colours and hibiscus flowers. And loves the brand alba rosa
Ganguro loves alba rosa
by Cherry August 06, 2004
a hickey
when somebodys suckin on your neck and they leave a mark
nigga dont leave no hater marks on me! what will my other nigga say? ;)
by cherry January 02, 2004
Irving,Texas ( In Dallas)
I'm represent that Crooked I
by Cherry October 02, 2004
a cut; to get cut or slit with a knife
watch out before you get sliced!
by cherry January 02, 2004
Ogyaru is a gyaru (gal) that is dirty , that doesn't shower or change their clothes. Some even say they sleep on the streets. This is just some bad rumour started by the media
Ogyaru is a dirty gyaru
by Cherry August 06, 2004
when you poop and your not done yet and you push and push to get it out so you can be done but it doesnt happen
my ass wad is killin me
by cherry February 26, 2003

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