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Containing the best possible attributable qualities.
Oh, man, that lasagna was righteous!
by steveisright November 21, 2003
1. n. Female dog
2. n. (vulgar) Woman who for one reason or another deserves a good bitch-slap
3. v. To talk or act as such a woman
4. n. (coarse) Woman who sleeps around
"I need to find Dosser a good bitch (1) to breed with, but Francine seems to hate all dogs. Francine is being such a bitch (2) lately. Like, she kept bitching (3) all night about how i show more respect to Dosser than to her. She didn't show any respect for me back in January when she up and screw Charlie, know what i mean? Bitch (4)."
by steveisright December 18, 2003
1. n. An open-source journal site that has spawned a plethora of immitations, all inferior in every meaningful way.
1. And then my sister said, "what's the point of a website? My bloody livejournal can do it."
by steveisright December 18, 2003
n. A large, prosperous corporation whose business is "lower prices" on basically everything imaginable to mankind short of weapons of mass destruction and sex toys, always good to invest in for quick cash-in.
"Hey, Francine, it's three in the morning and i can't think for this f***ing paper any more, let's go to Walmart and buy us a Twix, a coke and some cliffnotes."
by steveisright December 18, 2003
1. Situationally involving oral sex.
2. Shaded by deceit.
Unfortunately my friend and i found ourselves in a very clintonesque situation.
by steveisright November 21, 2003
<i>adj.</i> Considered wild and entertaining, and far from civilized.
After the weedhead opener, the concert was just beast!
by steveisright November 23, 2003
Usually preceded by "the." A term to musingly indicate nothing at all pertaining to a thing or place while speaking of it.
That library was the junx! So, what's for dinner?
by steveisright November 21, 2003
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