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An online diary service which caters to those who believe they do not get the respect or recognition they feel they deserve in traditional social interaction. Users have the opportunity to showcase "the real them" and gather the affirmation they believe they deserve through the message board attached to each entry.
I used LiveJournal for a year before I realized I wasn't really an undiscovered genius and was actually just part of a commenting circle jerk.
by Lucent October 10, 2003
Searle's Chinese room from Wikipedia:

In the Chinese room thought experiment, a person who understands no Chinese sits in a room into which written Chinese characters are passed. In the room there is also a book containing a complex set of rules (established ahead of time) to manipulate these characters, and pass other characters out of the room. This would be done on a rote basis, eg. "When you see character X, write character Y". The idea is that a Chinese-speaking interviewer would pass questions written in Chinese into the room, and the corresponding answers would come out of the room appearing from the outside as if there were a native Chinese speaker in the room. It is Searle's belief that such a system could indeed pass a Turing Test, yet the person who manipulated the symbols would obviously not understand Chinese any better than he did before entering the room.

To chinese room (verb) is to solve problems without understanding. Most commonly used while doing math or physics homework, chinese rooming involves combining equations from various pages to solve a problem without understanding the problem or the equations.
"I'm totally going to fail this test. I've been so busy that I've had to chinese room every homework this month."
by Lucent September 06, 2004
Making an effort to hop between fond, old memories in order to displace or squelch the vividness of one's current (likely depressing) situation. Must last for more than a minute to qualify as a swim.
Yeah, since he lost his job and his girl, he'll just leave the TV off and go on a memory swim.
by Lucent July 06, 2004
One who maximizes whatever application he is working on, consuming all screen real estate and rendering the entire concept of the windowed GUI useless.
I told my friend I was getting a 30" monitor, but because he's a maximizer, he couldn't fathom the purpose of it. "Who wants to type in Microsoft Word across the whole screen?"
by Lucent April 06, 2006
When contracting, rather than raising one's rate, instead billing more than necessary for work completed. Has the effect of increasing one's virtual hourly rate.
Did you get that big raise you were hoping for?
> Nah, so I just billed for more hours. Virtual raise!
by Lucent April 05, 2010
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