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The root of the word Lipe is lipo, which refers to fat as a noun.

Lipe::noun:: A Lipe is a rather fat individual. Someone who is obese, or even just a bit wide in the belly can be referred to as a Lipe.

Lipe::adj:: A food which has a high fat content, or an activity/lack of activity that may lead to obesity can be referred to as Lipe.
Damn. Did you see that dude's rolls? He's a lipe big time.

C'mon, man. Doritos are real lipe. Keep eating those and you'll be 300 pounds.

Dude. All you ever do is play video games. Do you know how lipe that is?

Keep doing nothing. Thats so lipe.

by jenou April 28, 2007
The state of being in high focus and concentration. When a person is experiencing lipe, they are unstoppable.
Erwin: How do you think you did on the final exam.
Jason: I was totally liped when I took that.
Erwin: Ah man, you probably aced it.

Chuck Norris was born with lipe in his genes.
by Lucky353 June 14, 2010
Lipe is a bitch who blows at all aspects of life and has never succeeded at anything he has ever attempted.
Lipe truly is a bitch
by F8 August 25, 2006
To repeatedly fail at something miserably.
Don't lipe it!
I can't believe you liped it again.
by AcrazyClown September 01, 2008
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