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I don't know what the fuck this means, but it's funny because it drives Jordan nuts.
Guy #1: dun...dun...dun....oreydon!
Guy #2: Shut the fuck up Corey!
by wvdrtnsf February 04, 2009
A "jar of gold" is the big economy-sized jar of mayonnaise that some people keep in their fridge. God only knows what most people would do with such a big jar of mayo, but some people can't seem to get enough. A jar of gold can also be defined as a huge container of "Miracle Whip" which in fact is not really mayonnaise - it's a salad dressing or dip!
Little Boy: What's for supper Mom?

Mom: Sandwiches again!

Little Boy: Oooo! I'll bust out the jar of gold!

Mom: Make sure to get your sister to give you a hand - I don't want you to throw out your back again trying to lift that thing all by yourself!
by wvdrtnsf May 14, 2009
'Pineapple on the grill' is what you yell when you see a hot chick walk in your restaurant (i.e. The Keg). The cooks usually yell this when they spot the hot chicks from the broiler bar, then they proceed to take turns fingering the prime rib.
Sweaty cook #1: "Hey dude, check out the talent that just walked in!"

Sweaty cook #2: (yelling at the top of his lungs) "PINEAPPLE ON THE GRILL!!!"

All male restaurant staff the proceed to the hostess station to check out the sweet ass.
by wvdrtnsf July 27, 2009
The road to treasure is trail of hair that runs from a guy's belly button down to his dink.
Girl: What do you want me to do?

Guy: Follow the road to treasure! Agush!
by wvdrtnsf May 14, 2009
A "rescue call" is set up in advance of a family gathering that you don't want to attend. This arrangement involves appointing a friend to call you at a pre-determined time, providing you with an excuse to leave early. A well timed rescue call occurs immediately after you have eaten.
Rescuee: Thanks for supper - the meat was good eh? Woosh!
*phone rings*
Rescuee: Hullo?
Rescuer: Hey man, here's your 6:30 rescue call.
Rescuee: Oh hey. How are you?
Rescuer: I'll see you in a bit. Don't forget to pick up some rolling papers on the way over.
Rescuee: Oh, yeah...don't worry, I'll be right there.
Rescuee: Fff, I gotta go and help someone with some school stuff. I guess I'll see you later eh?
by wvdrtnsf May 03, 2009
Tug Lipe is how Filipinos say 'Thug Life' - they are all fans of 2Pac and alls they eat is barbeque. No eat big cookie.
White Guy: "Hey Geoff, what are you writing on your arm?"

Filipino: "Tug Lipe mons, Tug Lipe."
by wvdrtnsf August 14, 2009
People who are attracted to Homer are called Homer Sexuals.
Marge: "I'm a fucking Homer Sexual"!!!
by wvdrtnsf August 24, 2009
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