a low caloric saber (this joke was used in Robot Chicken:Star Wars Special)
your mama's so stupid she eats light sabers for breakfast
by whatnameisnotused January 30, 2010
A neon-like colored hoodie. Colors like neon yellow, green, pink, blue, etc. Or a shirt that glows in the dark.
Guy 1: Yo, i'm diggin' that lightsaber you got. Where'd u get it?

Guy 2: This thing man? Thanks. I got it from Pacsun or one of those skate like shops around the mall yesterday.
by Master Control Program May 10, 2010
The ultimate anal raping tool.
Obi-Wan: Christ...Jar Jar, turn around, would you?

Jar Jar: Yessa Obi!

Jar Jar turns around. Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber. Blue flash, sizzles, Gungan screams.

Obi-Wan: This is for the Republic!
by Slufa June 15, 2007
according to the Star Wars "the Essential guide to Weapons and Technology" the lightsaber is a melee weapon which emitts a tight parallel beam that is a closed energy loop
Star Wars and Star Trek are both cool, just different.
by Glaiven June 24, 2003
similar to a mushroom stamp. before mushroom stamping, you cut open a chemlight and pour the glowing chemicals on your penis and while giving the mushroom stamp you make a shooooom sound like a lightsaber does when swinging it.
i heard jeremy gave rachel a lightsaber last night at the party!
by d3rrick April 06, 2011
the light thingy that star wars geeks orgasm over.
When you watch them fight with lightsabers ... It's like an erection; It's cool, and you just want to play with one
by Stephanie February 06, 2005
Weapon used by a civilization so advanced that it colonized space, but so primitive that it couldn't figure out that a small-calibre handgun works a million times better.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 09, 2003
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