A sword-like weapon from Star Wars. Available from Master Replicas.
I got a lightsaber!
by master replicas November 09, 2003
A light up dildo.
I just got the best lightsaber from the XXX toy shop today... it works my pussy good!
by G Dawg Girl January 22, 2004
a long hard erect penis which can cut through a woman's vagina in moments
"sista, that homeboy stuck his light saber into me and i was cumming so quick I had to change the sheets before we was done"
by niceness July 28, 2003
A drug applied dierectly to the forehead. First, one grabs a knife and cuts a slit in their forehead. Next, the user applies a various combination of illegal and recreational drugs, the users own mix, to the open wound. The user then jams anything resembling a lightsaber hilt into their forehead repeatedly. Then user massages the wound to mix up the drugs and transport them throughout the blood stream. Finally, one receives a sensation where they believe they are in the Star Wars Universe.
Person 1: Wanna lightsaber after school?
Person 2: No way man, im still woozy from last time.
Person 1: Whatever, I want to meet Yoda again; I'm almost one with the force.
by Up your butt November 28, 2007
A Stupid weapon from the movie Star Wars that looks like a glowing stick, Come on guys a titanium sword would be so much cooler. It is used primarily by a group of warrior mistics that can change from being good or evil at the drop of a hat.
"we'd better not give that guy a lightsaber, he might turn evil"
by M!ke May 07, 2004

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