The last line of defense for death penalties, which is much worst than death! It consist of Big Bubba coming down from cell block 10 to pliage and plunder your asshole virginity like a band of pirates! Once he is finished you can bet that the criminal will never steal, kill, or rape again. Also, considered the Big Bubba Policy in some state prisons!
Criminal 1: Hey, I heard you got the death sentence, which one did they give you?
Criminal 2: I got the new Lethal Injection sentence and it was fucking terrible! I use to be able to wipe my ass on a little of nothing and now it takes a whole goddamn news paper!
by XxMacexX04 August 17, 2011
Top Definition
The act of ejaculating inside a girl when not wearing a condom when you have HIV/AIDS, thus giving her the disease.
I wouldn't fuck him if I were you, he likes to give girls the lethal injection.
by 35 Home May 10, 2010
The act of ejaculating inside someone while not wearing a condom when infected with HIV/AIDS.
Diamond's been known to give girls the lethal injection from time to time.
by 35 Home May 12, 2010
A method of execution involving injecting the individual with several drugs. Some are to make him unconscious and even unaware of his situation, and other drugs are injected to poison him or her to death. This is considered the most "humane" method of execution.
More and more U.S. states use lethal injection to carry out the death penalty.
by Party Pooper May 03, 2005
Most common method of execution in the United States. Condemned persons are injected with three drugs:

The first drug is a tranquilizer, intended to induce unconsciousness in the condemned.

The second drug induces paralysis, rendering the condemned unable to move or breathe.

The final substance, the killing blow, is potassium chloride; a salt. The saline solution disrupts the conductive flow in the heart muscles, essentially electrically frying the heart muscle and inducing cardiac arrest, killing the condemned.

Although this method is no doubt very effective, it causes undue and excruciating pain in the condemned if the warden misses the vein and the tranquilizer fails to take hold. Supporters of the current method do not seem to realize that prisons can undertake a much easier, much less risky, and much less expensive process by simply overdosing the condemned on the first drug. No pain is felt, and the excessive dose ends the life of the condemned without suffering.
Lethal injection could be a much more humane method of execution if only the government would change the way in which it was done.
by spinaltapsoundguy November 15, 2009
A euphemism for "putting people to sleep" which is a euphemism for "putting people down" which is a euphemism for "killing people"

A patethic attempt by the american government to "dress up" execution to make it seem like something good and humane. They think that if they make a bit of a ceremony out of killing people its okay to do it. Really just a big power trip for governers to make them feel they are great. Also greatly pushed by conservative bastards whose main worry is its cost-effectiveness that it wont take too much money away from corporate welfare.

Supposedly provides "peace of mind" to the family of the condemned's victims. If the governor happens to be a good man and clears death row the families go crying on the Oprah show about how hurt they were that they spared his life.
Anyone who is even the slightest bit dissapointed that ANYONE was spared of their life is the spawn of satan, and the fuckheads who can stare at a camera and hold their wives hand and say with a cold voice "We have decided that the best solution for this man is lethal injection" are cold evil bastards.

If the condemned doesnt fall asleep when they inject him he lays there awake with the power of his muscles gently slipping away making him unable to breathe and slowly suffocate. How about we give those lethal injection pushers a little taste of their own medicine and after 5 minutes give them the antidote and then ask them how they like it?
Good morning Sir, how would you like to die today? Lethal injection?? *big smile* heres a brochure of how its done, I promise it wont hurt.

Governor: Hey, look at me, I had fifty people put to sleep this year, wow I really do kick ass.

Ireland is a great country, this shit is banned by the constitution.
by towel401 October 04, 2004
A slang expression that is usually used when someone proves that they are better than someone else.

2. Another way of saying "You just got owned" or "Pwned!"
A. " Yo momma so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, No Professionals." "
B. ooooohhh mahnnn..LETHAL INJECTION!
by mustakoolkatsss June 29, 2011
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