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The way that driving has always been done. In order to drive in manual, you control a clutch and a gearshift in addition to gas and brakes. Manual transmissions give you much more information about your car such as its feel, its power, its engine to gear ratios, etc.

Newcomers to manual transmissions often stall out and get frustrated by the addition of extra controls. But if you practice at it a lot, it becomes delightfully challenging, you will feel out of place in an automatic by comparison, and the feeling you get when you drive circles (or donuts) around your friends is totally worth it.
I've been driving in manual transmission for so long, automatic just didn't feel the same. My hand kept reaching for a stick that wasn't there, and I almost hit the emergency brake thinking it was the clutch. I hope automakers keep offering stick-shift models!
by spinaltapsoundguy November 10, 2009
Press "Alt-F4" in World of Warcraft to make your mage cast a vanishing spell.
Alt F4 is a vanishing spell! It really works! Try it; it really makes things disappear. I shit you not.
by spinaltapsoundguy May 01, 2010
The opposite of cross-eyed. The eyes point away from each other, rather than inward.
Man, that dude is wall-eyed! How does he do that?
by spinaltapsoundguy October 20, 2009
The opposite of water off a duck's back. An insult that you allow to cling to you and burn you like hell.
Don't dwell on insults. Research has found that acid off a duck's back yields very unfavorable results for the duck in question.
by spinaltapsoundguy January 06, 2010
Can also mean the phenomenon involving a marginally playable game whose physics and controls are so fundamentally broken that it rapes anybody who tries to play it. Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 comes to mind.
Kudos to Pokecapn, Illuminatus Vespucci, Kung Fu Jesus, Medibot, and Kaz, for braving over twenty hours of game rape to bring us all a Let's Play of Sonic 2006, the game that decides for itself whether or not you get to beat it.
by spinaltapsoundguy January 21, 2010
Sent on a dirt nap; outfitted with cement shoes; deep-sixed. Pwned in a very gangster-esque manner.
Johnny the Rat thought he could get away from the mob, but Vito caught up to him, and Johnny got Al Capwned!
by spinaltapsoundguy December 29, 2009
Really means bring her back no later than 10:30.
Overprotective Father: Let me remind you that it's MY daughter you're dating. You'd better have her back home by 11:00, or so help me, you WILL marry her!

Boyfriend: 10:30. Got it.
by spinaltapsoundguy November 04, 2009

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