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The word Lento is often referred to as "slow" as the term derives from music in the historical sense. This is a misnomer in the semantical context. However, the word "Lento" is now associated with a career - a professional, usually someone associated with creative writing and editing skills usually focusing on copy, text or the visual arts - a journalist, a writer, script writer, a public relations, marketing person or web designer, some one who utilises creative thoughts in her/his mind and "slowly" formulates a process towards an outcome. Once that thinking process is complete, the "Lento" quickly applies the process to produce an outstanding piece of work/outcome/text. Further, a "Lento" knows her/his creative value and is exceptionally competitive with her/his peers. Use of the word is in place in Northern Ireland, UK, and USA.
The public relations specialist was a "Lento" in the development of a new campaign.

The journalistic "Lento" evolved from years of hard work in investigating crime.

Never underestimate a "Lento" - their stamina and creative thought will outshine others.

A "Lento" creation in the 1970's for the Nixon - McGovern Presidential Campaign - "Nix on McGovern."
by Marlin Linz December 01, 2010
To find loop holes everywhere as in scamming the system
I've pulled a Lento on that state regulation or my lentoism is stronger then yours
by ddos October 24, 2011
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