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an accidental blumpkin (when someone poops his pants while getting a blowjob)
Megan gave a McGovern to Bryce.
by kloo199 March 15, 2011
my last name. not any of the above definitions
The above McGovern definitions are not right. not happy.
by vballchic September 06, 2012
something brilliant. can be used as either a noun, or a verb. first appeared after Jeremy McGovern's dominant display in the 2012 NAB cup series.
(in reference to a hot girl) OH WOW! Look at that McGovern!

(did well in an exam) mate, i completely McGovern'd that!

(discussing a great tasting meal) wow, this meal is absolutely McGovern!
by Fgiaawun February 22, 2012
The act of impersonating a Mexican by putting on a visual facade of fake mustaches, sombreros, etc.
You could say someone pulled a McGovern when they order Taco Bell while wearing a sombrero.


You could say someone pulled a McGovern when they hit a pinata with no Mexican heritage whatsoever.
by TyGaga4Michetti June 02, 2011
To dance in a provocative manner near an individual with the intention of making them feel awkward, alienated or fearful.
I'm gonna go McGovern that asshole, he be trippin'.
by OddMcGovern May 31, 2011
A small hairy mammal which thinks its superior to all living things. Lucky to be where its at in life due to dumb luck.
That crazy little squirrel is such a mcgovern!
by tacoshatz January 18, 2009
Noun: A poorly researched and written journalistic article demonstrating the author's complete lack of ability or integrity.
This (article) is full of errors and barely makes sense as an argument anyway - it's a complete McGovern.
by Jon MW September 30, 2006

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