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the sexiest individual ever who everyone desires
she is far too modest to the point she thinks she isn't good enough but in actual fact she is amazing
kind, generous and beautiful
i wish i had a kerrie
by jackobot20 July 25, 2008
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Kerrie is the most sexiest/fittest lass in the world, can pull any lad she wants, normally good at dancing, good at most things especially sex, she's a nice and caring person with a deep heart, she dosen't like too hurt her loved ones, she's a party animal, and she loves her drink
Definition of kerrie.
by joshridge10 February 25, 2012
kerrie is glitches lover and wife etc. shes taken etc. irc couple to be found on
kerrie ily!
by glitchofanondox July 04, 2009

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