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To Lawmanate - when one ejaculates with such power and passion, that the women spontaneously combusts, the man whispers a haiku, waves his phallus in a circle like manner, and rubs mayonnaise on his anus. It can also be linked to the jewish bounty hunter, Andrew Lawman, one who has been well known for his award winning role in Alien vs Predator. He was the predator.
Guy 1 "Then I shouted 'FOR NARNIA' and totally Lawmanated her. I'll be shitting mayonnaise for a week."

Guy 2 "That's so gross."

Guy 1 "well spank my ass and call me Philip, you're Andrew Lawman!"

Andrew Lawman "oh jew nuggets, you've found me"
#mayonnaise #anus #phallus #andrew lawman #lawmanate
by edtheped February 03, 2013
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