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Aboriginal Australian term for a mate.
Can replace the old term cuz.
short for relation.
Oi der ma lation!

White fulla:hey thats my bike!!

Abbo:Fuk of bra, il get my lations onna you!

we da original custodians ob dis land cunt! my lations ownd it befor you. its a sacred site! not your ouse no more!
oh, an by tha way, you got a shmoke?
by wally gunnaganoo. August 10, 2008
To lather oneself in lotion, all over the body, in prevention of peeling skin after baking in the florida sun for many days at a time. pronoused la-shin.
don't forget to lation up tonight!
by it'snotlashion April 10, 2011
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