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what morons give each other when they graduate community college. those who earn real degrees give each other congratulations.
Billy Bob: Hey Bubba, congratulations! You did it!
Bubba: ...
Billy Bob: I'mean congradulations on gettin yer degree!
Bubba: Aw shucks, was nuthin. Takin them classes was easy. Them testes was the worstest, though.
by TheShocker68 October 15, 2009
A common misspelling of the word "congratulations", mainly used by people with a third-grade education.
Ex: Congradulations i am kOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by getshaton February 13, 2012
it's a tongue-in-cheek misspelling of "congratulations" that's a play on the word graduate.
it means "congrats on ur graduations" :)
Sophie: i heard Mark succeeded in the senior year
Laura : yea, we have to send him our congradualtions

Jo : hey Steve, u made it man. way to go
Dave : Congradulations
Steve: thx guys, i wish ya the same
by memotota June 15, 2009
misspelling of congraTulations
Congratulations on ur loss of virginity dude!
by wordout May 21, 2004
congratulation soaked with adulations.

mostly used by loved and near ones who don't really have any idea about the achievement of the other.
Mike: hey i won the Data Interpretation Competition last night..!!!!!

Jamie: (clueless) Congradulations!!!!!!
by purpleoblivion January 02, 2011
Used when congratulating a person on coming out of the closet.
Congradulations on coming out Kyle.
by johntall November 30, 2010
"Congratulations", in a sarcastic overtone.
CongraDulations on your new minimum wage job.
by Joe Cocker March 10, 2004
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