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All the evil on this earth condensed into a rather obese 10 year old boy,sadly,He depicts what most of us are like..,He is a rude,Crazy,Bad mouthed,Anti-Semitic,Racist,Witty,Cunning,Stubborn,Obese bastard.

Full Name:Eric Theodore Cartman

Relatives:Liane cartman,the biggest whore in america

:The other fat cartmans,all of them are

fatter versions of him

Enjoys: Watching terrance and phillip,,making anyone feel like shit and eating.

Dislikes: pretty much everything else

He is fucking insane.
Once he got a kid to eat his own parents because he owed him $10.
In imagination land the christmas critters he invented in a fucking weird story give someone HIV then killed them.....

Ah well it's still the funniest shit on this depressing earth
(its funnier then watching telitubbies when ur high)
Eric Cartman Is The Shit!!(And also the most fucked up cartoon character in the world)
by FucktardedScarecrow June 19, 2009

The word that can describe any emotion possible

4.Stupidity (usually other peoples)
10.Shame (usually if your ashamed by someone else ie.your parents)
11.Anything Else People Can Feel

#1.I am so fucking psyched
#2.Fucking gutted....
#3.Fuck that!!!!
#4.You are such a fucking fucktard you know that?
#5.Ewww!, you fucking creep!!!
#6.Fuck...Man i was really counting on this/you
#7.Arrggghh!, holy fuck man not cool!!!
#8.What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
#9.Yes!!!, fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!
#10.Man...you just a dick...Wtf do you think your doing man?....God...Fucking *sigh*...

Such versatility truly makes fuck The Best Word Ever
by FucktardedScarecrow July 16, 2009
congratulations in a snarky way lolz

used when your mocking a person not actually congratulating them
Little kiddie:Hey daddy, I can ride my bike!
Dad:Congrat-U-Fucking-Lations can I go inside and drink a fucking beer now?
Little kiddie:*Cries*
by FucktardedScarecrow August 08, 2009
Type in a calculator and it shows up as "Lesbo"

1.Hey look Danny I can say lesbo with my calculator!

by FucktardedScarecrow July 31, 2009
1.An extremely painful attack where a knee is shoved up the ass of another person

2.What happens when ur not watching ur ass at a zoo

1.I gave mark the old "fucked by an elephant" routine and he's still walking around like a pregnant girl

2.We all watched in horror as jack was getting crushed by the elephant

by FucktardedScarecrow April 16, 2009
For the male version see: You Fancy Man!

1.What your mother calls your girlfriend
2.What your dad calls your female best friends
3.What your friend calls your female teacher when they're fooling around

Indicates whoever uses it is an embarrasing homo.

Your Mum:Whoa Tania..Pretty nails..Manicure?
Tania(Ur GF):Um..Yeh (smiles)
Your Mum:ha ha Ooo....You Fancy Chicken!
You:*almost wetting yourself laughing, not*

Ur Dad:So girls doing you hair eh? You Fancy Chickens!
Ur friend:..Ur dad's a homo...Pass me the straighteners and the...Purple hair dye..I don't like blue much anymore...

Ur Frnd:Hey Mrs Janet Garrison!...Um...Can you tell me what this country is
Mrs Garrison:*slaps you* That's america you son of a bitch!
Ur Frnd:Wowzaz..How did u know that, You Fancy Chicken!.
by FucktardedScarecrow August 04, 2009
See:The Tits
Urban Dictionary is the tits
by FucktardedScarecrow July 31, 2009

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