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what happens when you get caught drinking alcohol, sneak over to the opposite sex room at night, do drugs. ETC at Tilton School. If you get caught again you get kicked out of school.

Last chance All-Stars- if you successfully graduated from Tilton School while being on last chance
Bridget: Yo why are you cleaning up after every meal at the dining hall this week?

Abby: Because I got on Last Chance this weekend by getting drunk with my prep school bitches!
by Jmazza713 November 23, 2010
A counter-strike clan with an ownage irc room
00:58:12 <N3M-> u look
00:58:13 <N3M-> like
00:58:22 <N3M-> a half chinese person
00:58:24 <N3M-> half
00:58:24 <c2e-slappy> ye
00:58:25 <N3M-> pikey
00:58:26 <KritikaL> yeah :D
00:58:26 <c2e-slappy> he looks
00:58:27 <KritikaL> HAHA
00:58:28 <N3M-> lol
00:58:28 <KritikaL> :D
00:58:30 <c2e-slappy> Chinglish
00:58:31 <c2e-slappy> ^
00:58:34 <KritikaL> nah ..
by HodGes August 07, 2003
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