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An easy way of saying "I'm not hungry, but if you're cooking/buying me food I'm up for eating it."
"Hey I'm running to McD's, you want me to grab you something??" "Yeah, I could eat."
by breezy-licious September 09, 2011
sending a large amount of angry text messages to someone.
who keeps texting you??" "it's just my ex, he's having a text tantrum.
by breezy-licious May 28, 2010
Teenage guys who try desperately to look like Justin Bieber. Bieber wanna-be's; wanna-biebers.
Look at that guy's perfect windblown hair...what a wanna-bieber.
by breezy-licious August 31, 2010
that hour time frame, normally between 5pm-6pm, when every fast food joint is packed full and every drive thru line is backed up to the street.

cousin of the "lunch rush hour", which is normally from 12pm-1pm.
hey, do you wanna run to mcdonalds?" "dude, not during dinner rush hour!
by breezy-licious August 01, 2010
Your last pair of clean underwear, reminding you that this is your last chance to wear any unless you get your laundry done; that pair of ugly old underwear that you reserve for an emergency.
Dude, I gotta do laundry today, I've got my last chance undies on!
by breezy-licious July 17, 2011
That cough you suddenly get after eating something cold, such as ice cream, that usually lasts about 2 minutes.
I chugged that milkshake, now I've got two minute bronchitus!
by breezy-licious June 16, 2011
something you do that is stupid beyond normal proportions.
"i can't believe you backed up right over your neighbors dog. that was pretty dumbassic!"
by breezy-licious May 04, 2010

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