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Someone who is annoyingly talkative, and can't stay on topic; they never know what they're talking about. Every time they talk you want to punch them in the face. Don't be a tilton.
My teacher won't shut up! She rambles on for an hour and a half and puts the whole class to sleep

She's a Tilton! What a bitch.
by Honey5972 July 02, 2014
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Verb; to sell, offer, or otherwise exchange the illicit drug MDMA, more colloquially known as ecstacy, for money, goods, or other services.
Joey tiltoned me before the party; now I'm feeling a bit warm.

Stop tiltoning all my news anchor buddies! They're already way too into Industrial Dance Music as it is!

Yea, I tilton. Wanna spacedock?
by Katie Couric April 21, 2006

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