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Commonly an insult describing an extremely fat person who cannot wield their habit of overeating.
The lardo satiated his gluttonous cravings by ravenously chomping down on a pack of doughnuts.
by Optomon October 31, 2003
chubbaloo. A fat-ass with an unbounded appetite.
Dude, did you dump that lardo you used to date?
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
A lardo is a sad fat grown 60 year old man who stalks children in playgrounds and parks seeking to touch them.
A lardo can be found in most majoor parks and recreational areas around the United States.
Hay mummy what's that thing?
Stay away from it. It's a lardo
by Anon35465465 October 28, 2013
An extremely lazy person who usually has a tendency to eat and lounge around like a lard.
Cammie: Sydnee is such a lardo.
Brittney: Oh my gawd I know, look at that fat kid grab that Z-bar. She's ravenous!
by Cam France March 31, 2008