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Commonly an insult describing an extremely fat person who cannot wield their habit of overeating.
The lardo satiated his gluttonous cravings by ravenously chomping down on a pack of doughnuts.
by Optomon October 31, 2003
An ungodly turnover in a hockey game; A complete giveaway of the puck by the defence in a hockey game that causes an odd man rush, especially breakaways.
The defenceman made an ozolinsh at the blueline, allowing JP Dumont to score the game winning goal.
by Optomon October 31, 2003
1):(v)-A minuscule hit or scratch that looks seemingly harmless but turns out to be something that has immediately caused major damage.

2:(n)- A secretly powerful knick; A minor infliction that causes more damage than expected.
2) Simon Belmont's toenail tinsed the spikes, but he instantly died as a result of the minor wound.

2) A tinse from the his razor opened a gash in Tim's face that gushed with blood.
by Optomon October 31, 2003
What Arnold Schwarzenegger calls his uncle in law, Ted Kennedy.
Uncle Porky tragically resembles a pig in human form.
by Optomon May 09, 2004
A round lump of a chin that has a dimple in the centre of it, making it look as if someone pierced it with a dart.
Bull's Eye!
by Optomon May 09, 2004
A fat jolly judge that with a big waxed moustasche that greets people by saying "How do ya do!".
The taft wobbled his way to the court room
by Optomon October 31, 2003
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