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Sydnee is an amazing person who can probably kick your asssssss if she needed to. She tends to makes bitches jealous whenever she goes stuntinn around towwwn. Sydnee's know how to have a good time. Faaahh reaaaaaal.
Dude: "Did you see Sydnee kick that girls ass yesterday?!"
Other dude: "Yeah man! She looked fine as hell during it too!"
by craccckkaaa. February 21, 2009
An amazing, sweet, bubly, creative, HILARIOUS, and soo thoughtful. So talented in volleyball and basketball. She is very athletic and nature lover. Everyone likes her and she has the most amzing personality. She is extremly pretty and adorable. i love her :)
Man did you have fun hanging out with sydnee or what?

She is sooo much fun to hang out with.
by nicloe cindern April 13, 2011
Sydnee is the most stunning girl you will ever meet. Sydnee's are perfect. Often have brown hair and have the most amazing eyes. She's talented, fun loving, HILARIOUS, extermely kind and gentile. She'll come off as shy when you first meet her, but is bubbly and creative and fun. Sydnee's often put other peoples feelings before hers and is helpful. Sydnee's are flirty and fun, they make amazing girlfriends, wives and friends. She loves kids and animals. Loves nature and is outgoing and will try almost anything. Sydnee's are sooooo pretty and make other girls jealous and make the boys swoon. Sydnee's are artistic and are talented in sports, expesally soccer and dance. Everyone likes her because shes just that amazing. Boys are lucky if they have a Sydnee in their lives. Hold on to them <3
Dude #1: Hey did you hang with Sydnee last night? She's super chill and cool man.
Dude #2: Yeah man!! I love Sydnee!!
by dylanblake April 25, 2013
The name for someone who is a really good singer. They are beautiful and confident. Girls named sydnee are amazing and get far in their life and career.
by Funfunfun November 14, 2013
To kneel down on your 'sidnees' to perform a BJ
Woah, that girl was caught in the bathroom on her sydnees
by Urmommmmmmmm May 07, 2009
A girl that demands tons of hot pockets! she will chew your head off if you talk to her wrongly. Is a freind of craig who is abnormaly tall. Sydnee can fly with her legs and has little tiny ears. She wants to cut adams arms off. We are currently in spanish class and this has nothing to do with sydnee. She is cool and she is blonde and likes gum. She hates madison and wants to cut his head off.
craig: Hey Sydnee how are you?

Sydnee: I hate madison
by Jesus christ almighty craiger February 22, 2010
A camel like person that looks like a camel and eats camel food. sHE HAS A BIG TOUNG WITH A SACK IN IT . it stores water. LOl lives in south africa. and amber and fran hate her
camel nlike person named sydnee
by franandamber January 10, 2012

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