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the creator of go-gaia, and the man who stole all my desire to have a social life from me.
Party? Uh... no thanks, Lanzer's releasing the donation letters tonight...
by Laurelie March 09, 2004
466 54
The almighty.
"And so sayeth teh Lanzer "Let there be a place where all can go and be made into chibi sprites!" And so he madeth this place. And our Lord called this place "Gaia", and it was good.
by Boringplum January 30, 2004
173 44
An over-worked, under-fed individual with remarkable good looks. May be part robot. One of the nicest administrators on the net.
OMG Lanzer is SO cool!
by SliverMcKite April 21, 2004
137 25

He is teh god. He created gaia online and helps us all be happy and sucks our free time away. ;)
"If you were referring to god," said Mew, "You must mean Lanzer."
by Mew September 21, 2004
74 29
God on Go-Gaia
Lanzer - Lanzer the man
by Anika January 30, 2004
56 22
The creator of gaiaonline, the One, also known as the best, the coolest, the L337est, the sweetest and the restless. Please send him your moneys, so he can eat something else than ramen
-] OMG, fucking fix gaia, you dumbass admins!11!111!11oneoneelventyonepineapple!11
tenthousandothers] OMGSTFU, dipshit!
by Aldo September 13, 2004
65 32
he is a god on
all hale he!!!!!
by mick July 12, 2003
38 26