It is a term mainly used to promote modern progressive country, modern western swing, contemporary folk, roots rock, rockabilly, and other American roots music genres not popular in the mainstream.
Other terms for this include "Alternative Country," "No Depression" (this name came from the title of an Uncle Tupelo album and is also the name of the leading Americana Music magazine), "Insurgent Country," "Cowpunk" (in the 1980s), and other names.
by Bradley Olson November 03, 2004
One of The Offspring's greatest albums!
Why the fuck am I the first one to write this definition?
"Pretty fly for a white guy" is to be found on Americana.
by Steve Derycke February 16, 2008
The americana is a term used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to specify the lateral keylock known in judo as ude-garami (arm entanglement).
he left his arm exposed so i busted out an americana on his ass.(jiu-jitsu)
by jonnybee October 23, 2007
A person who dyes their hair, listens to music, paints their nails, goes shopping, spends their time eating junk food and playing video games and texting

A person who says "lol" and "omg" out loud.

A person who goes on tumblr, facebook, and twitter and spends their time there

A person who wears short shorts, and tank tops in the summer while carrying their phone/ipod in their hand walking around either texting or listening to music

A person who wears neon colors so you can spot them from anywhere

A person who goes out a lot and is either quiet and rude or loud and obnoxious

A person who uses sarcasm

A person who is really nice or friendly

A person who wears makeup to feel good about themselves

A person is all about "having fun" or "living while they're young"

Sometimes silly and stupid

Some don't care about school and most hate it

A person who is obsessed about a celebrity and either can't stop talking about them or stalking them

A person who wears skinny jeans

A person who wears khakis or shorts everywhere all the time except during the winter

A person who uses a lot of smiley face in their text messages.
Whoa that girl is an americana she is super friendly, always wearing bright neon colors and skinny jeans and she always says OMG or LOL when someone says something.

How americanas text (girl version):

Grace texting on her cell: "OMG!! Ari guess who just called me!!" Ari: "OMG!!! IDK TELL ME!!!" Grace: "HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!" Ari: "OMG OMG OMG!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!" Grace: "LOL Ari it's okay. Don't be sad. Wipe that tear of your face. Maybe someday you'll be as lucky as me (:" Ari: "Whatevzzz ttfn" Grace: "Whatevzz your face ttyl. Luv ya <3"

How americanas text (boy version):

Jake: "Dude guess what" Dude: "You got a new chick" Jake: "No dude I got black ops 2!!" Dude: "Cool when can I come over" Jake: "Um let me ask" Dude: "Really dude -___-" Jake: "Um dude you can come on saturday" Dude: "Cool dude gtg you better order loads of pizza or else"
by rubzlex November 20, 2012
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