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An indisputably awesome food that is versatile, healthy, and manly. Useful in salads, Mexican food, baked potatoes, sex, omelettes, and even popcorn. Also invaluable in a vegetarian/vegan diet. 95 percent of avocados grown in the US come from California.

Should be considered the most MANLY FOOD EVER due to these facts:

At one point, it was also known as the alligator pear. Your penis is already jealous.

Its name is derived from the Aztec word for testicle.

A small avocado provides one's body with more usable protein than a huge steak because the proteins in the steak are deranged and mostly unavailable to the liver.

Women love it on their faces.

NOTE: Despite the belief of some, the so-called "popular belief" that the avocado is a vegetable is (1) not common at all, and (2) better applied to the more common and wimpy tomato. Hence, the use of the term "avocado" to describe a homosexual who appears heterosexual is misplaced and not warranted.
Actually, us vegans get MORE protein. Props to avocados.

You made guacamole?! I love you!
by AlqSeegs B September 26, 2010
Used to describe a person, particularly a man, who is socially construed as straight by those around him/her, but in actuality is gay. Someone who goes undected on the gaydar spectrum. Thick, deceptive skin on outside, but a fruit on the inside. Based on the avocado being widely misnomered as a vegetable, when it is indeed a fruit.
Amber: I had no idea that Jerry was gay! He seems hetero!

Omar: Yeah. Everyone thinks that. He's an avocado.
by Omar via AJ August 09, 2008
The official food of Virginia Tech. Invent the future. When in doubt, show avocado footage.
You know your team is doing badly when they show how to cut an avocado instead of highlight reels.

Give me an avocado so I know its real.
by Amandaman October 08, 2014
A bad mood. Used by Person B to get around a Person A's defensive denials, when Person A doesn't want to admit to being in a bad mood.
A: "There's no reason to be angry."
B (heatedly): "I'm not angry!"
A: "Okay, you're not angry, you're annoyed. Can you stop being so annoyed?"
B (heatedly): "I'm not annoyed!"
A: "Fine, then you're avocado. Stop being avocado and we can talk about this."
by I say July 06, 2009
A person/group of people you want to avoid at all costs. Avocados are basically the people on your hitlist, normally accumulated over the course of four years at Mount St. Mary's University and eventually smashed into a delicious guacamole pulp.
Common characteristics of avocados are:

1) shitfaced manwhores who act like they're the shit, yet somehow manage to never get laid
2) grenades who are obsessed with their own flat flabby asses

3) Fat ass dudes who have girlfriends yet screw around with drunk college girls on the weekend, then brag about it to everyone on campus

4) no boobs, no butt, pudgy-ass belly, creepy bisexual/serial killer/zombie girls who try to get in threesomes with girls with big tits

5) Dumbass juiceheads who check out their muscles in the mirror in the weightlifting room, masturbate to pictures of themselves, show up to class high off their asses yet expect to become dentists after flunking introductory biology
6) shit-dicked jerks who brag about being heavyweights yet choke on two shots of jack and think a couple of college girls will blow them for free because their firefighters
7) psycho females who invite themselves places, demand gas money for dragging you on pointless road trips only THEY gave a shit about going to, get drunk on church wine and overall act childish in public
by SwaggaLikeUs December 03, 2011
when a vegetarian gives up on plants and goes back to eating meat
or when someone tries to lay off of healthy food

(its like going commando with vegetables
instead of underwear.)
Jose-hey bob you hear what happened to john?
bob-yeah i hear hes going avocado
by Alejandro Cruz July 10, 2008
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