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Cat-Like and sweet Pink Pokemon.

Sound that cat Make.

Furry happiness Sound.
Thats so sweet *Mewww*

*Mew happily*
by WhiteMew January 12, 2004
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The genetic ancestor of all Pokemon. A floating pink cat-like creature. Mewtwo was created using DNA extracted from Mew's fossilized eyebrow. The leader of Team Rocket, known as Giovanni, was not satisfied with a mere clone of Mew, and instead insisted that a "superclone" be made by tinkering with Mew's DNA.

It was the last mistake he ever made.

Mew was retconned on September 28th, 2006, with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in Japan, and with it the introduction of Arceus, the "God of all Pokemon." This created a conundrum of sorts, as it is explicitly stated that Mew's DNA can be found in the DNA of ALL POKEMON, yet Arceus was said to have existed before the universe itself began. Apparently, those continuity checkers at Nintendo didn't do such a great job, eh?
"Mew!" -Mew

"That is Mew, the rarest of all Pokemon. From its DNA we created you, Mewtwo."
by meteoryte January 04, 2010
An exclimation meant to represent the sound of a kitten. It is often followed by Japanese-styled emoticons to help exemplify the feeling.
Mew mew mew! ^.^
Mewwwwwwwwwwwww... T_T
by RealmRPGer February 24, 2005
A mild exclamatory remark indication opleasure or other forms of happiness. Often used in anime aubculture, or those with an acclimation to kitties.
-How do you feel today ?
- =^_^= mew!
by TheJosh July 12, 2003
The best damn pokemon in existence. Pink, compact and rather adorable, this pokemon is the only reason why anyone still plays the game. He's a master of mind-games and being one of the hardest Pokemon to catch (which 1is worth it because he can use any move!)
OMG! It's aboutntime Nintendo frickin' made a frickin' Mew Event *in America!*

I know, Japan gets *everything!*
by okami1113 July 23, 2010
Can be used for various connotations from a cat's perspective. It is like the traditional meow but only sounds more enduring to say.
mew! = excited/happy
mew.= acknowledgment to another/a sigh /blah/lonely
mew?= what?

mew mew= pay attention to me
by MMAFT July 11, 2009
a word that cane be used in place of any real word.
I'm just going to the mew to pick up some mew

translation: im going to the supermarket to pick up some eggs
by Mac-ingston October 10, 2010
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