Laughing Quietly To Myself. Usually used in a text.
After farting in church the congregation looked around as i was LQTM .
by Dewbeewah October 01, 2010
Laughing quietly to myself
Oh my gosh ! Lqtm .
by Yuppppppppppppppppps June 26, 2010
Laughing Quietly TO Myself
In side a office texting and you can't rofl or lol or lmfao u can just LQTM.
by spider75 June 01, 2010
laugh quietly to myself.

a way to say what you are really doing because you are never really laughing out loud.
person 1 : i just got dumped
person 2 : lqtm
person 1 : not funny!
person : yeah it is.
by cory the builderz May 21, 2010
Laughing quietly to myself. When you are in the room and chat with somebody and you can't lol (laugh out loud) you can lqtm (laugh quietly to myself)...
This is funny. I lqtm.
by HelVig April 20, 2010
lqtm = laugh, or laughing quietly to myself. This is used in place of "lol" when your not actually laughing out loud.
(All on the internet)
Guy 1: Hey dude, why did the chicken cross the road?
Guy 2: I dunno, why?
Guy 1: To get to the other side!
Guy 2: lqtm.
by RiceLlamas January 18, 2010
internet slang "laugh quietly to myself", used as a more literal for of "lol"
Jim: hey look at this man, he has cheese on his face and a ferret is kicking him on the left chin youtube / adamwrig

Adam: lqtm, that's quite funny

Jim: yeah i know, that's your mum

Adam: STFU!
by Adram September 05, 2009
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