An abbreviation for the phrase "laughing quietly to myself" for those who dont want to be lying when they say lol or lmao ect. when they really aren't
When I saw that mildly funny video on youtube I ws lqtm
by jplaysguitar January 04, 2010
Laughing Quietly To Myself. An internet acronym to express laughter forr those that might not laugh out loud.
Mick: What is his problem?
Paul: What do you expect? He is fifty years old, lives in his parents basement, and probably spends his weekend blowing his cat. So, he's a little angry, wouldn't you be?
Mick: lqtm
by Lou Ripken #12 October 05, 2009
Laughing Quietly To Myself, because no one really laughs out loud.
Sadie:i went to the beach over spring break :)
Alison:which one? Neskowin?
Sadie:ya!! how'd you know?
Alison:because you always wear that neskowin sweatshirt...
Sadie:O! haha, wow...
by ms.laughsalot April 01, 2009
Not well known but it stands for "Lesbians quietly tickling monkeys"
Lqtm is enjoyed by many lesbians
by Rslover92 November 26, 2009
aol instant messenger/text message abbreviation for "laugh quietly to my self". used instead of lol, meaning "laugh out loud".
-jim: (insert joke here)
by b2j July 29, 2008
Laughing quitely to myself.

Good use in AIM session.
" ha ha, lqtm, that was pretty funny"
by mikexdc April 02, 2009
Laughing. Quietly. To. Myself.
A subtitute for LOL (it makes more sense)

'Jess fell down the stairs,'
'LQTM she is such a cluts!'
'i know!'
by Rockin' LIL J March 19, 2009
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