Laughing quietly to myself.
When Hinamuffins started 'LTMQ' I miss typed it as 'LQTM' and LQTM.
by Lp57 August 21, 2008
"laughing quietly to myself"
because not everyone "laughs out loud" when they see that stuff online... the probably laugh silently to themselves so their neighbors don't think they're crazy.
sn1: it got so heavy that my shorts fell off
sn2: LQTM!
by palindromium July 10, 2008
A term coined by Demetri Martin a stand up comedian. Its his form of LOL since he never has laughed out loud at his computer, he just LQTM or laughs quietly to myself.
That is pretty funny loll.
by Usul June 14, 2007
v. laughing quietly to myself.

if the statement wasn't that funny, instead of saying lol, you say lqtm
Dude 1: Bro, i totally screwed danny's mom last night.
Dude 2: lqtm..
by chucknorrispwnsn00bz January 02, 2009
short for "laughing quietly to myself"

made up by walker fickling
Bernardo:"Hey Janice! Guess what?!"
Bernardo:"Poop balls!"
by blake moseley June 06, 2007
Computer slang for "Laughing Quietly To Myself."

Few people honestly laugh out loud when they use LOL. I created this term years ago to combat the overuse of LOL (laughing out loud) in instant message conversations.
Ahab: Catch you later! LOL!!
Moby: That's getting old. But it's still funny. lqtm
by Cap'n Ahab January 06, 2006

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