laughing quietly to myself
i was lqtms instead of laughing out loud (lol)
by Lenny and Marissa October 06, 2008
internet term meaning laugh quietly to myself
person 1: i like boys

person 2: lqtm thats hilarious
by Corey Thompson 941!! August 13, 2008
When Someone texts u lol there really not laughing out loud there LQTMing.
by D-man I$$y January 02, 2012
Stands for laugh quietly To Myself. because when someone says something kinda funny that's what u do not LOL or ROFL or LMAO
She told a racist jokes about italians, im italian. but it was kinda funny sp i LQTM'ed
by SlappinEwoksLikeDemHoes October 24, 2010
Laughing quietly to myself. verb.
When you laugh really hard at something funny, but quietly to yourself.

Oh (insert your name here) you make me lqtm!
by Hulietta Dillon October 03, 2010
Laugh Quietly to Myself

Basically what you say when something isn't really funny but you don't want the person your talking to to feel like shit
PErson 1: hey you wanna hear a joke?
Person 2: no?
Person 1: alright here it is
Person 2: i said no...
Person 1: Ok so why did the chicken cross the road..
Person 2: because your a dipshit?
Person !: NO! because he wanted to get to the other side
PErson 2: LQTM... leave me the fuck alone you dumbass
by imabeastson December 01, 2009
An abbreviation to state on an IM, Text, Email, or any other form of non-personal communication, that you are laughing quietly to yourself.
"Wanna hear a joke bob?"

"Whats that john?"

"Women's Rights"

"i am lqtm"
by jdets June 11, 2008

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