lqtm: Laugh Quietly To Myself; Instant Messenging lingo substituted for "lol."
A more truthful "lol."

No one actually laughs out loud when they say lol.
It's a filler.
Use "lqtm" to be more truthful to your responsee.
AIMname1: "My middle name is Francis."
AIMname2: "lqtm."
by Mara Mara December 24, 2007
an alternate version of typing that you are laughing, such aslol or rofl. Stands for 'laugh quietly to myself'
Guy1: *tells a joke*

Guy2: lqtm

Guy1: wtf does that mean?
by Dhayne November 16, 2007
laugh out loud to myself
Like lol but not out loud and quietly is lqtms
by Mr.Green the psycho killer June 14, 2013
Instead of lol (Laugh out loud) it is LQTM (Laugh quietly to myself.) It is much more realistic than lol.
Person A: Wow that was so funny
Person B: Yeah! LQTM!!
by Applepicker1 August 24, 2011
Laughing quietly to myself.
Sort of like LOL, only more secretly, more I've-got-an-evil-plan-in-mind-here sort of thing.
==In some random chatroom==
Mitchell: Wanna go egg the principal's house tomorrow?
Kelly: Lqtm... **rubs palms together and maniacally laughs**
by Persephone~ October 19, 2009
Laugh Quietly To Myself

used when you dont want to lol but you dont want to be rude and not laugh at all
by hottielax14 July 27, 2009
It means "Laugh Quietly To Myself." Better than lol because you don't actually Laugh OUT LOUD when you said it. You really laugh quietly to yourself.
by Matt g94 February 10, 2009
laughing quietly to myself
i was like idk w/e lqtm!
by kaspir February 06, 2008

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