lqtm: Laugh Quietly To Myself; Instant Messenging lingo substituted for "lol."
A more truthful "lol."

No one actually laughs out loud when they say lol.
It's a filler.
Use "lqtm" to be more truthful to your responsee.
AIMname1: "My middle name is Francis."
AIMname2: "lqtm."
by Mara Mara December 24, 2007
Means "laugh quietly to myself" and is used in place of LOL or quietly chuckles for people who want to be more honest or humble instead of saying LOL when somebody says or texts you something even mildly humorous.
Obnoxious: Yo dawg what up holmes
Quiet kid:... not much
Obnoxious kid:yeah okay cool i guess wanna go do some crack? I just stole my parents retirement money
Quiet kid:um... what?
Obnoxious kid: You know, crack, coke, blow, nose candy! Or maybe we could get some smack or meth.
Quiet kid: Lqtm, um no id rather disembowel myself with a wooden spoon.
Obnoxious kid: Um watevah man ima go be cool just like my dad!
Queit kid: Yeah okay do us all a favor and overdose you fuck
by PandasterMaster December 04, 2011
Laugh Quietly To Myself
varient of LOL
used in chat rooms. because when you read something thats funny, you dont actually laugh hard out loud, you laugh quietly to yourself
bob; "i love cock"
pete; "LQTM"
by mr. kaneiscool February 09, 2009
a more realistic portrayal for the internet emotion of "lol", however, having the keys required to type the expression being considerably further away from each other makes "lqtm" much more inconvenient to use in any scenario other than defining it on urban dictionary.
Person1: *joke*
Person2: lol
*people don't use lqtm*
by theLOLflashlight February 06, 2011
Means "laugh quietly to myself" originally used by Demetri Martin in a stand up comedy, used to replace "lol" to really describe what your doing when you say "lol".

Andy: "dude i got this huge History test tomorrow and im gonna totally fail"


Andy:"whats funny?"

Ralph"dude the test is next week :P"
by Mikenikes February 16, 2009
Or Laughing Quietly To Myself.
When you're talking to someone on messenger or myspace or facebook or whatever.They may say something but you actually dont laugh but you know its kind of funny you just write lqtm
Joe: Hey Fred did you hear linda has STD's?

Fred: No I didnt! lqtm !!
by Thatoneguysean July 29, 2008
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