LP the street name for elk piss. Also used as a hallucinogen when mixed with nutmeg. Recently has come into use as a derogatory term for jews, chinamen, and/or a-rabs who wish the were black/from the south.
Look at this fucking LP and his long arms. Get that cat out the blues club.
by smarksalot January 25, 2012
lesbian pride to like lesbians for life
what up biotch l.p. for life
by derek December 01, 2004
Le Predictáble. (L-eh Preh-dic-ta-bluh)

As per usual.

Very Predictable.

The same.

Le is a form of meme taken from popular website 'tumblr'.
"Le french" "Le girlfriend" "Le kitchen"
That shirts such an LP. You always wear it on nights out.
by metalman April 05, 2012
Life Partner
Daniel G and Garret W. are the LPs of Maple street
by andreaaaaaaaaaaaaaa7678 February 01, 2010
Lachute Person
1) a person living in Lachute, Quebec
2) a moron
3) a frenchman
4) someone who grew up in Lachute
2009 Revision
5) Person(s) emblazoned with a Tattoo of the Logo of a surrounding municipality, if said municipality is within 12.1km of Lachute
LP # 1 “so.... do you like Nirvana?”
City Kid “??...”
by P-Ma-F- Trice May 04, 2010
Some one who stays behind or takes forever.
Dude Hes Being A Straight LP! Lagging Poodle
by 408_MOBiN August 21, 2009
Listening Post (military term)
there was a LP near the military zone during the war.
by sassysherrymary May 06, 2009

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