A state of constant procrastination.

Anyone (typically an employee) who takes excessive liberties within an organization with limited supervision and zero accountability. The LP will take extended lunches and numerous breaks at inopportune/inappropriate times throughout the day.

When tired, the LP leaves early even if there is work to be done, claiming the "work can wait 'till Monday."

When awake, the LP masters the art of the 3:45pm-4:10 break period only to leave at 4:20 when the work day clearly ends at 5. Other times, the LP will not show up to work at all often with no prior warning by choosing to 'work from home.'

To the LP, 'working from home' includes oil changes, hair appointments, concerts, moving out and trips to the zoo.
"Dude, I should have pulled an LP and gone to the Green Day concert today"

"Looks like its going to be an LP week!"
by Raphael Rincone October 27, 2005
1) An abbreviation of the common office supply company, Liquid Paper.
2) An alternate word for white out, so the rents dont catch on, most commonly used in grungy american high schools who resort to cheap highs since they have a waste of a life
How much do you want for that LP?
by tnicsers November 02, 2008
short for la puente
i live in lp
by residentsoflapuente August 23, 2008
lesbian potential.
gary "look at that girl, she has major lp."
lucas "you're right! i totally see that!"
by iamaking July 19, 2010
An abbreviation for the band "linkin park"
by boywonder101 May 01, 2009
Loss Prevention. The person hired by stores to look for people who might be shoplifting.
Work is boring. Did you see the lady the LP was chasing?
by Camo-Kun August 27, 2003
little person. the CORRECT slang, instead of...midget.
"my best friend is a lp, she's such a sweetheart!"
by Katee February 06, 2004

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