"Loose Pussy" A woman whose vagina is quite gaping and can handle a fist or such other large items, or a girl who just looks like a slut or dresses like one.
"Hey look at that LP over there"
"I was with this bitch and damn she had one nasty ass LP, so I got the hell outta there"
by Kertef,Corobo January 07, 2003
1)someone who has a little package
2)Small and puny
3)Pluto (the symbol for pluto is a comboination of the letters L and P)
Dang look at lp go!

Professer: And this, Students, is an example of the characteristics of lp
by Mike J/Jon k January 14, 2007
LP is the shortened down version of the nu-metal band Linkin Park (5 albums to date)
Spook: Dude britany spears is on tv
Duke: Stfu LP is on the other channel
by DuKeNuKe December 30, 2004
LP originated from Africa. As the AP faction crossed the boarder of Algeria in 1952 which started the tribal war of 1952 called "the Core" (le cortis) the battle didn't take long for the AP faction to remove the invaders. As the invaders scattered in late 1952 they sworn for revenge thus established a new orgnization. The last remaining LP resistance now is believed to live in America. The last remaining LP believed to be an Afrikan who is of Irish decent. The location and the size of this organization is still unknown but throughout the midwest in America there are spots where the LP's painted their signals. Many still believe the organization is forming a terrorist organization once again.
The LP's lost the battle of The Core in 1952 Against the AP faction.
by Rob Johnson May 14, 2004
A commonly used abbreviation for Linkin Park. Kind of like how Avenged Sevenfold is known as A7X, or how My Chemical Romance is known as MCR.
I can't wait to go see LP in concert some day.
by Bryan Corkins April 26, 2007
Short for Les Paul. A guitarist whose name is adopted by Gibson for a type of guitar it produced.

Alongside the Fender Stratocaster/ strat is the two most recognizeable guitar shape.
I just bought a Black LP from eBay for $1300!
by Yngwie Malmsteen June 30, 2004
what hispanics calla glass pipe. in spanish its short for"la Pipa".
Hey man pass the "lp" over here.
by insane March 07, 2004

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