short for el producto; a brand of cigars that are often used to make a blunt
get the lp so we can roll a fat one
by Fernando April 26, 2005
on the down low
low profile
I am stealing silverware from the D.C., keep it on the L.P.
by d3 March 06, 2000
Lady Player. A woman who "plays" men by dumping them before they are ready to go.
Watch out for her... she's hot, but a total LP!
by Western LP November 29, 2006
Lan Pa
Becomes a big news after a Taiwanese politician scold out during the confederation.
It means "two balls"
It means testicle, scrotum
Do you have LP? If you don't have, then you can't ejeculate.
by John Tawkn December 02, 2006
a street gang mostly by latinos. LP stands for Latin Players.
You think that fight involved LP.
by The Jet March 30, 2005
LostProphets, an extremely good rock band. Welsh && amazing.

Famously known for Rooftops but A Town Called Hypocrisy is better. =]
1st Person : "I saw LP last night at the NEC."
2nd Person : "Awesome! I'm so jealous, they're amazing!"
1st Person : "Yeah, even better live.."
by Kirsty Louise Stevenson September 30, 2006
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