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An acronym for Lick My Cunt, commonly used on the internet.
"LMC, beeeeatch!" Said the jealous girl with oral herpes.
by R October 17, 2004
Like my comment
John (status): lms for a cool wall post
Sarah (comment): only if you lmc first
by e.p.ftw September 25, 2011
"Let me see" or "let me 'c'", used to inform others in a chat room that you are checking, or looking for something, and may not be avaliable for a very short period of time.
Dim33 : Did you get the message?
Jerry_21 : lmc
by mk2y10 January 22, 2008
Lower-Middle Class; used by snobbs.
Oh, lookie at zat LMC girl .... Let’s point and laugh at ’er!!!
by Victor Van Styn August 25, 2005
Low Marble Count. A condition of non compos mentis or occasional, mental deterioration. AAADD, aging adult attention deficit disorder, occasional forgetfulness, and destinesia are other symptoms.
Due to our advancing L. M. C. my friend Barb and I give each other a fresh bag of marbles on our birthdays.
by sunnyjay November 22, 2011
Last-Minute Charlie (or Charlotte). When you're on a bus and the bus is ready to leave, you'll often see these people running to catch the bus. Very annoying when you're in a hurry and the green light is about to change to red.
Damn! I'm late for work and we've got the green light but there are five LMC's coming up. We'll be stuck for five minutes when the light changes!
by pentozali December 31, 2007
Meaning "like my cock." Used mostly in speech, rather than on the internet. The term was first coined by the infamous rolldogs.
"Wow, today has been really long and hard, LMC!" or "Dude, I left your guitar hero controller in the hot car and now it's curved, LMC!"
by Rolldog#1 August 18, 2009
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