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Local Homebrew Store. This is a term used on the internet to mean the physical store one goes to to buy grains, hops, and equipment for homebrewing beer, cider, and wine. Not to be confused with online homebrew supply stores.
"My LHBS doesn't have any Columbus whole hops, just pellets. Would that change the aroma much?"
by Homebrew Bob March 01, 2009
less cumbersome way of saying low-hanging-balls when it is frequently mentioned in conversation
my bf has such LHB he gets carpet burn when he runs around naked at home.
by save_ferrets May 16, 2004
Any act of domestic violence, but most often referring to a sharp slap across the face. Initials stand for "Looky Here, Bitch!"
"I spent five days in County Jail fo' givin my ho' the LHB!"
by Thoobab July 01, 2007
Abbreviation for "Listen Here Bitch."

Used in settings where cursing is prohibited (at the office, etc.)
"LHB, you're really pissing me off."
by Fiber Supplement December 18, 2012