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in a shot glass, half-fill with Baileys (or other irish cream), then topped with a floating layer of butterscotch schnapps. intended to be downed quickly, like a shot of vodka. supposed to incite some kind of lewd repartee between you and the bartender.

also, a horse-riding male living in an arid region who enjoys performing fellatio.
(to the bartender): "i'll have a cock-sucking cowboy... and a shot glass half baileys, half butterscotch schnapps please *stupid giggle*"

(to a cowboy): "are you a cock-sucking cowboy?"
(cowboy): "sure am."
by save_ferrets May 13, 2004
less cumbersome way of saying low-hanging-balls when it is frequently mentioned in conversation
my bf has such LHB he gets carpet burn when he runs around naked at home.
by save_ferrets May 16, 2004

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