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when a really hot guy/girl smiles at you and you and you get dizzy and start hyperventilating. Edward Cullen commonly dazzles people simply by accident.
Friend: What's wrong?

Me: I just got dazzled

Friend: OOOOOOH...
by Olivia J. Scott August 08, 2008
118 40
verb. to charm. may cause hyperventilation if done correctly. if not, ur just like....wow, someone was trying to dazzle me. Edward Cullen from the world famous bestselling Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is famous for dazzleing every girl in his path without realizing it.
Me: OMG !!!!! that guy SO just tried to dazzle me
jenny: are you dazzled?
Me: *hyperventilates*
jenny: oh. so he DID dazzle you!
by franniewantstabedazzled October 03, 2008
31 20
The word that was ruined when it was associated with Edward Cullens face.
Bitch Bella: Your doing it again
FAggot Edward: What?
Bitch Bella: Dazzle (ing) me ;) (in a horny tone)

by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
11 9
a nickname for cocaine
"let's go snort some dazzle"
by alex July 16, 2004
31 40
Something you feel when the word dizzy just ain't enough -- or you don't speak English very well...
Heading home now due to headache/dazzle.
by Todd M. Lowdermilk December 08, 2005
16 27
A female version of a doodguy. Uggs, huge sunglasses, chewing gum, and orange tans are exemplary of this type of girl.
This gaggle of dazzles just walked passed me in the Student Center, all of them on their cell phones arguing with their boyfriends and listening to iPod shuffles.
by orangesoda January 17, 2007
11 25